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    BOI-Oracle Opens its doors

    Welcome to BOI-Oracle!

    Finally, we're ready to open up the server for you - the Players! We hope you can remain to be patient with us, as we're still working on some kinks around both the site and the game. There will always be bugs - but they can always be fixed. Additionally, there's a Bug Report section for you to post these bugs in, for us to fix.

    BOI-Oracle is aiming to be the #1 Battle of the Immortals Private Server. We're offering players 30,000 Free ZEN - everyday. Also provided is a few ways in-game to make your Characters stronger - by working for it. The main way to do this is by Salary, which you can obtain in numerous different ways, but the most effective one is by Farming Monsters in the game. Having done so, there is no absolute obligation for a player to Donate in order to be strong, but instead leaves you with the option to do so if you feel it necessary and beneficial to your Character, or if you simply just want to Support the Oracle Gaming Network by Donating to us, we're more than greatfull. We're also working towards the Arcane Realm Expansion!

    Hope you all enjoy the new Server, and I hope we can all nurture this new fresh start, and put the past behind us!

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    hi how do i make a game acc? to log in to game?plz

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    Post Thanks / Like click register n log in once you entered your details

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